Fuel prices are now 8% higher than they were at the beginning of the year. This is due to the rise in international oil prices, which look to continue throughout 2019.


From a crucial wartime invention, the Broquet fuel catalyst has evolved into a global success story by meeting today's demands to cut fuel costs and reduce  emissions.  It is very simple, easy to install device that when fitted into the fuel tank or fuel line of a diesel, petrol or oil fuelled engine, will improve fuel combustion efficiency.


For motorcycles and cars, one treatment can last for    250,000 miles/400,000 kms., and therefore Broquet will in many cases prove to be ‘fit and forget’. The benefits are the  result of improved combustion efficiency together with the gradual removal of carbon deposits, waxes and gums that normally form in all engines.

The Press Release shown (left) is the latest in a long list of positive feedback from customers using Broquet in a wide variety of petrol, diesel and oil applications.


MSC and RHT conducted their own trials, using a range of different vehicles and using an independent company to monitor exhaust emissions.

The cost saving achieved by reducing fuel consumption is very important to the company, but the environmental will also be a huge winner due to reduced exhaust emissions.



(petrol, diesel and oil applications)


* Lower fuel consumption, or more


* Reduced exhaust emissions

* Cleaner lubrication oil

* Cleaner combustion zones and          components

*  Use of unleaded petrol for classic vehicles


* Motorcycles & Scooters

* Cars, Vans & Pick-ups

* Motor Caravans

* Trucks

* Fishing Boats & Workboats

* Generators

* Oil-fired Boilers & Burners

* Construction & Mining Plant


LATEST CUSTOMER FEEDBACK : Over a period of 5 years

and 11,000 miles the Yamaha R1 has been improved (due to

the aid of a Broquet) from a poor running, high mileage

bike to a fresh running sweet bike. In my humble opinion

it feels like the Broquet has removed any built-up carbon

and this allowed the valves to produce a better seal, and

the result is a much nicer running engine, also a 10%

reduction in fuel consumption. The bike now has increased

mileage and has been thrashed at tracks, I suppose the engine should be on it's last legs but it still performs in a very impressive way and more importantly with a very good mpg - Phil (The Doc) Hacker, FJ Owners Club)







GOVERNMENT ORDERS BROQUET : Following many years of success in reducing fuel consumption for both private and business customers in the French Overseas Territory of New Caledonia, Broquet Distributor for the Pacific Region, Vincent Lorenzini has now received their first order to equip the Government's fleet of vehicles.


10,000 CLUB USERS : Following the CSMA's successful independent testing of the Broquet product which validated it's claims, 10,000 + members of the UK's Civil Service Motoring Association went on to puchase Broquet as recently testified to by David Arnold, previous Editor of their magazine, Motoring & Leisure.


MINE COMPANY SUCCESS Positive results on fuel saving and exhaust emissions

                                                    reduction have been measured across eleven different engines

                                                    owned by RHT Mines.

                                                    Recently, tin producer and smelter Malaysia Smelting

                                                    Corporation (MSC) has carried out field trials using the tin                                                                       fuel catalysts, supplied by Broquet International, UK, on 11                                                                     engines at its Rahman Hydraulic Tin Mine (RHT Mine), in

                                                    Malaysia. The specially formulated tin alloy pellets were either added into a fuel tank or placed inside a fuel line cartridge. As they are normally a once-only treatment, they can last for the lifetime of the engine.


Fuel consumption was measured over a 6 month baseline and then over 6 months with the catalysts fitted. Exhaust emissions were measured by Acumen Scientific Sdn Bhd, of Penang, Malaysia. The tests included pick-up trucks, a cargo truck, tipper truck, electrical generator, large static diesel engine, a Jeep and a Volvo Sedan car. Results in all eleven vehicles were positive. Fuel savings in diesel engines were 4% - 8% and in petrol 5% – 8%. Emissions of CO, NOx and SO2 were reduced by between 12% - 89%. For actual figures see test data on pdf attachment link below.





After over 18 months of successful testing on vessels

belonging to a major fishing company in Lima, Peru,

Broquet received an order to supply fuel saving devices for

installation on the main and auxiliary engines of over 60

trawlers with engines ranging in size from 450 HP to

2,500HP. Subsequent orders have increased this figure

to 93. Apart from having one of the largest fishing fleets in

South America,  the customer is also a major fish oil and

fishmeal producing company with 16 Processing Plants.

As a result of the success in reducing fuel consumption on the vessels main engines, Broquet has now also supplied units to over 60 generators and pumps.


Fuel savings of up to 9% have also been accompanied by reductions in stack emissions and stack temperatures. Therefore fitting Broquet has not only brought significant  savings on fuel costs,  but also important reductions in maintenance costs, with the virtual elimination of carbon deposits within the engine. Environmental objectives are also being met with a 2 tonne reduction in CO2 for every tonne of fuel saved.


These are the latest in a series of recent trials coordinated by ITRI around the world. They confirm

data that ITRI has collated from more than 70 other tests carried out over several decades.


                                        ROLLS ROYCES FITTED


                                         These beautiful vehicles were all fitted with Broquet fuel saving units by

                                         D.Haynes, Motor Engineers.




                                                                                          RALLY SUCCESS



Phil Surtees crossing the finish line in Paris with his 1942 Willys 

Jeep on the Peking to Paris Challenge. It was fitted with Broquet as

were another 16 vehicles on this particular Challenge.

Other 'Challenges' for Classic vehicles overcome with the help of

Broquet, include 'London - Capetown', 'Daker - Cairo' and the

Monte Carlo.







UK : Classic car production has restarted

at Aston Martin with the new DB4 model.


CHINA : China has suspended the production of

over 500 different car models which failed to meet

the Government's fuel consumption standards.

UK  : Drivers of the most polluting cars in central London will now

have to pay and extra £10/day. The Toxicity Charge applies to all

petrol and diesel cars that do not meet Euro 4 standards

CHINA : The Government is restricting the use of diesel trucks

by small companies in winter in 28 cities  in order to reduce air pollution


BANGLADESH -.a 120cc Hero Glamour motorcycle

in Bangladesh achieves extra 80kms  on same amount of fuel,

after a Broquet was fitted (go to 'TECHNICAL' > 'TESTING')



VIETNAM - For the great results of fitting Broquet to

 a Vietnam bus go to 'TESTIMONIALS'  - Also see website www.broquet.com.


EUROPE -  PSA Group is to buy the European Division of GM (Vauxhall/Opel)

UK - After a successful 2017 Silverstone F! Grand Prix, it looks as though 2019 may be the last GP at Silverstone.

US - It has recently been announced that Polaris Industries has ceased it's production of the Victory motorcycle range. It will now be concentrating on the manufacture of Indian motorcycles.


UK - New legislation will mean that using a hand-held telephone

whilst driving is now to cost 6 penalty points on their licence and a

fine of £200 


INDIA - India is to introduce 'on the road' vehicle emission testing

from 2020, especially for diesel particulates.


FRANCE - Cars manufactured before 1997 are now banned from Paris city centre on weekdays, as will motorcycles manufactured before 2000.


EU - The EU plans to update rules and tighten emissions limits

on engines in lawnmowers, bulldozers, riverboats and other

off-road machinery.

EU - The exhaust emissions scandals continue with an Audi manager arrested by German authorities in connection with emissions cheating.

UK - VEHICLE EMISSIONS - the UK Government has finally

conceded that more action is needed to address air quality isues in the UK




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