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For over 25 years Broquet International Ltd., have supplied the Broquet fuel treatment catalyst to many,

many thousands of private and corporate customers worldwide. 


Over the years and with most applications, it is the fuel saving benefit that has been most in demand.

However with growing concerns over exhaust pollution, the fact that the Broquet package of benefits also

includes the reduction of these emissions has assumed a growing importance with many customers  


Below is a small selection of customer comments :


"Given the reduction in carbon emissions, as well as the generation of fuel cost

savings, there are now plans to complete the installation of fuel treatment units on

all generator sets this year"  - Head of Network Services Division, Telecom Company, Philippines.


                                                   "All my drivers report better power and smoothness"

                                                   - Fleet manager, Delifrance, Singapore.


                                                   "So overall, I think that in terms of increased mpg, the Broquet has

                                                   been a more than worthwhile investment, Before fitting the HC

                                                   level was 50ppm and CO 0.01%. Six months after fitting and the 

                                                   figures had dropped to 28ppm and 0.00%" - Caravan Life Magazine,


                                                  "Results were impressive as the car actually gained 6.4 bhp and more importantly 9.3 Nm more torque -

                                                  Wheels Asia magazine, Singapore.


                                                   " Broquet has helped us achieve a saving in diesel fuel of upto 7% when installed on our Wishhaupt Burner systems.                                                   The latter is used to heat up our dryers during textile processing -  Chief Engineer, SE Textile Industries, Singapore.


"Before installing Broquet in our washing line factory equipment we were required to fill our diesel tank every 3 days, after installing Broquet we can operate between 4 and 5 days with the same amount of diesel - Factory Manager, Intraco Holdings, Malaysia.                                                      


"Since it (Broquet) was fitted I have noticed a marked improvement in economy , I am now thinking of fitting Broquet to the 308 Ferrari, as it has performed so well in the Porsche" - Trevor Wright , UK.


"Since being fitted, I have noticed an increase in performance with the 3.0 ltr Peugeot and the 4.2 Jeep running more economical. Both cars are running smoother and oil changes are having to be done less frequently"  Fraser Bull, Birmingham,


"Savings of 12% on my boiler" - Ridgemonde Chemicals & Resins, Malaysia


"Hi, back in 2000, I installed a Broquet fuel catalyst in my Ford Falcon. It has done 480,000km and the engine still feels like new. Plenty of power, efficient and quiet running. I have been extremely happy with the performance, hence I have been reluctant to part with it........"  Ben, NSW, Australia


".......I can't say exactly how many units were sold but I am confident that at least 10,000 members tried the product and based upon typical annual mileages this experience would have covered many billions of miles in all conditions" - David Arnold, former editor Motoring & Leidure magazine of the Civil Service Motoring Association (one of the largest private motoring clubs in the world) 



Vietnam Bus Transportation Company.


On 11th.November 2015, 3 x B/8T Broquet In-tank units were installed on a 2004 140 PS Hyandai County Bus which had covered a distance of 770,757 kms.


Since the Broquet units were installed the driver has reported a 40% power increase, 10% fuel saving, no more black smoke emissions from the exhaust and a much smoother running engine. 


Giving major benefits to both the driver and the passengers! 


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